Clinical and Diagnostics

Adam Finn, Anu Goenka, Rajeka Lazarus et al.

The work: Clinical studies and trials –

  • AvonCAP (Adam Finn and Catherine Hyams) – Adult respiratory infection and vaccine-preventable pneumococcal disease in the
    context of COVID19
  • BADASS (Dek Woolfson and Catherine Hyams)- Sensing COVID-19 infection in urine
  • BIOBANK – assay validation
  • BOTTeam – epidemiology testing to immunise teenagers against Meningitis B
  • CHOCOLATE – cognitive function and the effects of chocolate on memory
  • COV001/002 (Adam Finn and Rajeka Lazarus)- Phase I vaccine candidate trial (Lead: Oxford)
  • DISCOVER (Dave Arnold and Fergus Hamilton)- Diagnostic and Severity markers of COVID-19 to Enable Rapid triage
  • LOGIC (Adam Finn and Anu Goenka)-Understanding the natural history of SARS CoV2 infection in healthcare workers
  • Paediatric RECOVERY (Natalie Blencoe) – Randomised controlled trail of therapeutic interventions for hospitalised COVID-19 pateints
  • What’s the STORY? (Marion Roderick)- Cross sectional serological study of immunity in children in the population to SARS-CoV-2

Links: Bristol Royal Infirmary, Southmead Hospital, PHE, Oxford University

Funding: EBI Rapid Response, Grand Appeal, Pfizer, BrisSynBio/BBSRC

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